Friday, April 24, 2009

Sounds Like Velociraptor

I just thought that I would let you all in right from the get-go about what the hell the title of the blog even means.

But first, how long do people sit and think about the title for their blog? Got me. I thought I would be sitting around a lot longer than I did- but when I started thinking about WHAT I wanted to write about, it was pretty clear. I want to write about my life. OUR LIVES. My husband, Mr. Raptor, and someday, our children. Just thinking about that makes me emotional and I am not quite sure why...small caveat: I might be just a little crazy. or emotional. or..yeah, crazy on occasion.

Anyway, so everyone has these blogs. I do not. or DID not, as the case has become. I wanted one. Not necessarily for any reason at all, other than the fact that I read a bunch of blogs both of which the people are known to me and complete strangers-yes, you- and I thought, hey maybe my blog could be that moment of hilarity, or comfort or whatever for some other random person wandering around on the web.

So. I will start not at the beginning of US but rather just at a moment that made me realize WHY I was marrying my husband. Because, you know, we ALL wonder sometimes WHY, right? And I don't mean the obvious reason of loving them and what not, I mean- WHY is it that you felt consumed with those feelings in the first place?


We were getting married. Wedding was less than three months away. And we were doing the oh so exciting GIFT REGISTRY! At Target, of course. And just for the record this one was a "Tar-jay" if you know what I mean?! I am not even certain what category I could put Mr. Raptor's mood in, but we will say he was less than thrilled. Immediately after receiving our handy gun-thingy and the Introductions to Scanning Crap You Want 101 class, Mr. Raptor informed me that HE would be scanning the items. After all, he didn't really see the point in him being there to begin with so he might as well have a job to do.

On we went.

He held out pretty well I would say for a good part of the adventure. But he started waivering past the hour or so mark- and started scanning items like bags of clothes pins that I did not need nor want. To his credit, he still kept pretty quiet in his efforts of abandonment of the task at hand, and followed me around. I stopped to stare at some random items of no real importance to this blog and the store is silent..until.....out of nowhere I hear this VERY high pitch squealing/screeching sort of noise. I turn and look at Mr. Raptor, mouth agape, making said noise. I am silent. Staring. He stopped the noise and very calmly and VERY SERIOUSLY says "That's the sound the velociraptor makes before he's going to kill you".

I laughed. HARD. I mean unbeliveably hard. I couldn't breathe.

That is why I love Mr. Raptor. and that is why I fell in love with him. And that is the reason for this blog.

By the way, We left pretty quickly after that- I think he wouldn't have lasted much longer.